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Thursday April 24th 2014

Tito’s gluten free vodka

Have you been searching high and low each time you go to the grocery or liquor store for a gluten free alcoholic beverage? This gluten free gal was doing some holiday shopping and found a great wine and liquor store in Los Angeles county. The Wine Country is located in Long Beach, California, about 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and about an hour’s drive from Hollywood. Not only can you find Tito’s gluten free vodka in Long Beach, but you can find it at your local Trader Joe’s.

Not only has this store been one that this gal has been meaning to stop by for a while, but a discovery took place Christmas eve and that was that the Wine Country sells gluten free vodka. All you gluten free eaters and drinkers are in for a real treat. Tito’s gluten free vodka is brought straight to Los Angeles from the rootin’ tootin’ town of Austin, Texas.

Tito Beveridge
himself started this company after many years doing various jobs, from working in the gas industry in Colombia and Venezuela to working in the mortgage business. With 19 credit cards and $88,000 in savings from working overseas, Tito Beveridge made his dream come true and began experimenting with friends and family as his taste testers.

Tito conducted a lot of research and has been selling gluten free vodka for over ten years now, since he sold his first case in April of 1997. Not only did his dream come true, but any of you gluten free sufferers, your dream will come true once you try Tito’s vodka.

This vodka is rich, smooth, clear and above all gluten free. Do you want to know how this vodka is gluten free? Tito’s vodka is made from 100% corn which makes it gluten free, as well as being a distilled spirit, unlike beer which is usually made with wheat and grains as its main ingredient. According to Tito himself in his FAQ’s section, he notes that, “The distillation process removes the prolamines from the grain,” which is one of the key reasons why celiac sufferers become ill when ingesting this ingredient in anything with gluten in it.

As you gluten free sufferers know it isn’t so easy to drink alcohol as most alcohol’s include gluten in them, well except for wine. Vodka at most restaurants or is made with wheat and most bars or restaurants don’t carry Tito’s or any other gluten free vodkas.

There currently are no flavors of Tito’s as Tito Beveridge, mixologist and distiller himself, tested all types of vodka creations before deciding that straight up was the way to go. If you are interested in learning how to become a mixologist and learn the 101, Tito, the owner offers some great recipes and hands on videos on his website that will teach you how to mix Tito’s gluten free vodka with the beverage or mixer of your choice, to ensure you have the flavor you are looking for.

Not only does did Tito realize straight up plain vodka was the way to go, but many of his frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, he answers many important questions that you may have.

To find a Tito’s brand retailer near you in your state, be sure to visit Tito’s website and you will find what your looking for ‘straight up,’ from Tito and his family. If you cannot find Tito’s at your local retailer, restaurant or bar, Tito himself, might even thank you for suggesting they carry his creation.

The Wine Country carried Tito’s gluten free vodka and can be located at 2301 Redondo Ave, Signal Hill, CA 90755.

Tito's vodka

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  1. Paul says:

    Cool … Tito’s site is really well put together too, now if only they sold in Canada.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Shayne Ackerl says:


    Great article!

    This is a key selling point for the fastest growing vodka in the US and Canada as well….Sobieski Vodka.

    Gluten Free is becoming more and more prevelant and we recognize the need to make consumers aware.

    Please, if I or anyone at our company can be of more assistance in sharing this message we would like to discuss with you more.

    Thanks and best regards

    Shayne Ackerl

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